Isopropyl Myristate (IPM)

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Description: Iso Propyl Palmitate is a clear, color less liquid with a faint odor, it is also used as a moisturizer, emollient and thickening agent, also used as a solvent in major cosmetic products, it is a light penetrating oil which doesn't leave skin greasy feel.

Chemical Name: Tetradecanoic Acid, Isopropyl Ester

Directions For Use: Add as per the required quantity.

Note: Mix gently when formulating.

Important: All of our products are for external use only. Please keep out of eyes, and out of the reach of children. Please read and understand the technical information on the Material Safety Data Sheet and accompanying disclaimers before using this product for manufacturing.

Shipping: Order will be processed and shipped within 3-5 days after it is received. Delivery time may vary depending upon the destination of the order. Orders shipped to west coast may take several days.

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