Angel Cosmoceuticals fills and labels any round bottle, oval bottle, wide jars, or tubes etc., Angel Cosmoceuticals filling lines are designed to support the smallest and largest sizes commercially available. This allows us to deliver lightning - fast service that helps you get your hair care or skin care product into the hands of distributors and retail clients quickly.

With a wide array of specialized machinery, our equipment can fill (Automatic and Semi-Automatic)
  • Tubes
  • Jars and bottles (HDPE, PET, GLASS)
  • Dry filling (Pouches, Bulk Container)
  • Cartons & Case Packing
  • Shrink wrap
  • Induction Sealing

Induction sealing equipment allows us to cap the bottles and jar with metal foil induction seal give you tamper - evident seals and increased shelf life and product stability. Inline date and batch coding system allow you to meet any requirements for machine cooling products.

    We assist in sourcing chemical inputs and packaging components. In addition to tradition, ingredients have long histories of being generally recognized as safe and effective, we have an incredible network of suppliers that are committed to producing outstanding natural and organic ingredients.


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