Angel Cosmoceuticals has been manufacturing a vast range of cosmetics and beauty products for Canada, USA and International Brands over 10 years. We are personalized manufactures and formulator for Some Cosmetic Brand leaders, Start-ups, Premium boutiques and spas, as well as we have the infrastructure and technical expertise to produce on small to large-scale batches.

Angel Cosmoceuticals has the manufacturing equipment, storage and production capacity to fill a wide range of products. We have Kettles, Tanks & Blenders to cater for all order sizes using our Stainless-steel Manufacturing tanks and Mixing vessels which can accommodate small 50 litres capacity upwards to 2 tonnes. We can work on multiple projects with quick turn around.

Our Manufacturing Types Include:

  • Emulsions (O/W & W/O)
  • Cold Process Mixing
  • Hot Process Mixing
  • Dry Powder /Salts Bending
  • Bath Bombs & Bath Salts 

Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing

We help clients who have an idea or recipe that they are interested to develop a finished product. It usually involves R&D work. We will help by:

  • Developing or re-formulating a product, sourcing ingredients and packaging material.
  • Scaling up a product for manufacturing. This is like Discovering the ingredients/processes to work and produce a stable product.
  • Production planning Management - Moving forward with the large production process.
  • Producing your product using standard manufacturing practices.

Private Label

We have several cosmetic formulations that we offer for private labelling. Our product with your packaging/label. A simple and cost-effective way to develop your own brand.

Please Note: Angel Cosmoceuticals also has In-stock Cosmetic bases which can also be used to minimize product development costs. These are still considered Custom Manufacturing as clients will customize the product with Fragrance or Essential oil.

Our Manufacturing Keynotes

Flexible Minimum Order Quantities
The best part is that we offer flexibility when it comes to Minimum Order Quantity. Just ask! In most cases, we coordinate Minimum Order Quantity to the minimum effective manufacturing capacity of the lowest volume equipment required to fill your order.
Quality Ingredients
Ingredients and chemical inputs are vital to the production of personal care and beauty products. In most products, one chemical, the universal solvent, water is incredibly important. As a result, we have invested in water purification technology that ensures that you get the highest quality products with the longest shelf life possible. Every water-based product that we make is made with purified, de-mineralized, bacteria-free water.
Water Purification
Key water purification systems include Multi-stage deionization to removes the minerals, Ultraviolet irradiation to immediately kill all bacteria, Sub-Micron filters that remove any trace particles, dead bacteria, etc.

Bath-bomb Production

We are Canada’s second largest bath bomb contract manufacturer. dedicated space for making a wide range of Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Bath Fizzes, Bath Melts, Bath Salts etc.

Our bath bomb production capabilities include:

  • 7,000 hand-pressed bath bombs per day supported by dedicated R&D for developing new designs, shapes, patterns and, custom-made bath bombs.
  • Multiple mould sizes: round, 2.5” inch diameter (approx.140g); round, 2.75” diameter (approx. 170g).
  • Multiple packaging formats including bags, sleeves, shrink wrap, or custom packaging and Quick turn around time.
  • Low Minimum Order Quantity. Order as few as 1000 units per SKU.

Epsom Salts

We do provide Custom filling for Epsom salts, Bath salts bottles, Jars, Sachets, Jugs, etc.If you have questions about our capabilities, please feel welcome to contact us to learn more.We coordinate minimum order quantity to the minimum effective manufacturing capacity of the lowest volume equipment required to fill your order.We have dedicated space for filling Dry powder/Salts/Bath Bombs etc.,We are most flexible in meetings and fulfill the client’s requirements. We assist in sourcing chemical inputs and packaging components. In addition to tradition, ingredients have long histories of being generally recognized as safe and effective, we have an incredible network of suppliers that are committed to producing outstanding natural and organic ingredients.

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