We have several cosmetic formulations and we offer for private labelling. Our product with your packaging/label.  A simple and cost-effective way to develop your own brand.

Please Note: Angel Cosmoceuticals also has In-stock Cosmetic bases which can also be used to minimize product development costs. These are still considered Custom Manufacturing as clients will customize the product with Fragrance or Essential oil.

Angel Cosmoceuticals manufactures personalized formulations for Brand leaders, start-ups, Premium boutiques and spas, as well as we have the infrastructure and technical expertise to produce on small to large scale batches.

We have Kettles; Tanks & Blenders to cater for all order sizes, our Stainless-steel Manufacturing tanks and mixing vessels can accommodate 50-litre to 2 tonnes capacity. We can work on multiple projects with quick turn-around.

We offer

  • Emulsions (O/W & W/O)
  • Cold Press Mixing
  • Hot Process mixing
  • Dry Powder /Salts Bending
  • Bath Bombs & Bath Fizzes

We coordinate minimum order quantity to the minimum effective manufacturing capacity of the lowest volume equipment required to fill your order.

We have dedicated space for filling Dry powder/Salts/Bath Bombs etc.,

We are most flexible in meetings and fulfill client’s requirements, please visit our facility www.angelcosmoceuticals.com

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